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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When you're good you're good

It's a saying my boss and I like to use when something we're working on turns out exactly how we wanted it to. We're not that conceited, but it is a nice feeling when something works out!
I've been inspired recently to sew. Since I got my sewing machine back in commission, I have begun some projects to learn how to sew nice-looking things....which means I have been doing a lot of practicing. I have a couple things in the works and I will post photos when they are completed and I'm ready to show them off.
In the meantime I finished a project that my husband and I started back in May. We made it but for some reason never hung it up so in celebration of him coming home TODAY I decided to hang it in hopes that it would warm his heart. So, here is our cork wreath:

I also LOVE having fresh flowers in my house, but who can afford to buy them all the time?! So I have been working on my plants for the 2 years we've been in our house and every once in a while my plants will yield some lovely decorations for my home...

notice the vase! I love the hydrangeas' leaves so I used some in the vase/jar. The pink flower is a regular hydrangea and the white one is a shooting star hydrangea. I'm super excited to get to have them in my house.