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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When you're good you're good

It's a saying my boss and I like to use when something we're working on turns out exactly how we wanted it to. We're not that conceited, but it is a nice feeling when something works out!
I've been inspired recently to sew. Since I got my sewing machine back in commission, I have begun some projects to learn how to sew nice-looking things....which means I have been doing a lot of practicing. I have a couple things in the works and I will post photos when they are completed and I'm ready to show them off.
In the meantime I finished a project that my husband and I started back in May. We made it but for some reason never hung it up so in celebration of him coming home TODAY I decided to hang it in hopes that it would warm his heart. So, here is our cork wreath:

I also LOVE having fresh flowers in my house, but who can afford to buy them all the time?! So I have been working on my plants for the 2 years we've been in our house and every once in a while my plants will yield some lovely decorations for my home...

notice the vase! I love the hydrangeas' leaves so I used some in the vase/jar. The pink flower is a regular hydrangea and the white one is a shooting star hydrangea. I'm super excited to get to have them in my house.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

and another one...

Here's another little "doodle" I've done. Sadly it was only a temporary piece of work, but I still like it a lot.
They're BUTTONS!

A little tardy

Okay okay...here are my latest projects...a little tardy:I bought all this fabric for various project ideas.
The navy stripe is for a bench cushion {which I have yet to buy the foam for b/c I can't find it for less than $30!}.
The blue is for a dress I'm hoping will be easy to make and the green with white polka dots just went to help make this!
Okay, just turn your head or computer. It is intended for my camera and usb cord to go in when I'm putting it in a bigger bag...so things don't get lost and the camera has some protection from things such as keys, pens, etc.

Oh and I got my sewing machine back.....and It Works! It helped me make this lovely little satchel and now I don't want to stop sewing. I don't even want to stop to eat dinner.

Friday, July 15, 2011


It's been since last November that I posted anything and upon encouragement from my sister, who recently started her own blog, I am making it my aim to keep this, my sweet little blog, more up to date.

I have had some recent adventures...aka projects that I will share momentarily (once I take pictures of them).

Watch out blog world, for my new projects! Coming later today....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Okay okay.....

I know I am just about the WORST at keeping up to date. I have so many friends who are very faithful to their blogs. I, unfortunately, tend to neglect my little blog. I'd like to think it was because I was busy living life and filling my days with things that really matter.

Truthfully, though, I am doing just the opposite - not too many interesting things.

My beloved husband is expected back home in ONE WEEK - and believe me, we are counting every hour, night, breath, etc. So, I have yet another lofty goal that has resurfaced: to organize/clean out my office to a functional level. Currently it is still slightly packed up and mostly filled with tons of art stuff.

I seem to be filled with lofty goals. I like to refer to them as dreams (because I'm a dreamer to say the least). It is probably not good for me to name these so called dreams because, to me, dreams are usually things you name in your life that are probably unattainable but things you would love to have/do.
One such dream is an on-going one: to learn to play the guitar. I like making music but have never been able to do it on my own. My husband gave a lovely guitar to me as a gift for our wedding. Regretably, I have yet to get past building callouses on my finger tips (probably 3 times). Now, we will be joining a new small group and another cause for the goal to resurface is the desire to be able to lead worship in small group.

...Maybe I need prayer for this....

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I love pumpkins and fall and flowers and..........glitter!
I've been nesting a little bit lately and I've decided to decorate pumpkins and my house. So here are some of the things going on around my house

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Back to the grind

Well there have been some changes in the past couple weeks.
First, I have been inadequately keeping up with my blog.
Second, I started and dropped 2 online classes within 3 days.Third, I chopped all my hair off (well a good bit of it).
Fourth, the weather has been AMAZING!

We were supposed to visit NYC in November (the weekend before Thanksgiving to be exact) and since I dropped my two online classes, I now have to take a class that same weekend so we can not go to NYC now. Instead we are going to save up and try and plan a longer trip sometime closer to spring, I think.
Here are a couple photos that go along with the updates: