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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A little tardy

Okay okay...here are my latest projects...a little tardy:I bought all this fabric for various project ideas.
The navy stripe is for a bench cushion {which I have yet to buy the foam for b/c I can't find it for less than $30!}.
The blue is for a dress I'm hoping will be easy to make and the green with white polka dots just went to help make this!
Okay, just turn your head or computer. It is intended for my camera and usb cord to go in when I'm putting it in a bigger bag...so things don't get lost and the camera has some protection from things such as keys, pens, etc.

Oh and I got my sewing machine back.....and It Works! It helped me make this lovely little satchel and now I don't want to stop sewing. I don't even want to stop to eat dinner.

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