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Friday, May 14, 2010

Home Stretch

I absolutely can not believe that I am one and 1/2 days away from seeing the love of my life again! It always seems that his trips are so long and that the time passes so slowly and then at the same time there are some moments that make me feel like his return sneaks up on me.

So, as I write this, I am looking ahead to the day and all that needs to be done. 7 or 8 lovely ladies are going to be hanging out at my house this evening and I am so thrilled to share my home with each of them. But, I have let my house get a little out of control (being the only person in it for 6+ weeks). So I must straighten things quite a bit and put all my little projects in a "project spot" that doesn't necessarily exist yet.

Mom and I had a good visit this week. She and I went birthday shopping for Dave (his 30th birthday is on Monday), tried new recipes, went out for Mexican and watched a movie. These are always the kinds of things my family values doing together and I was glad that we were able to be flexible enough to fit all of it in.

One last thing - I have been praying about the possibility to work at my church where I've been increasing volunteer hours for the past year. It is quite clear that the church office needs an additional person on staff to help administratively because that is the kind of work I've been doing. There has been a back and forth as to whether or not there is room in the budget for said position. So I met with the Church Administrator Tuesday and they are going to hire me temporarily for the next 4 weeks for 10 hours a week. Then I will be presented to the elders at their next meeting (in June) and they will determine at that point if the budget will allow room for another staff member and if they feel the need for the addition.

So, I have a part-time part-time job for at least the next month and then we'll see what happens after that. In the meantime I will continue praying about this because it seems to just fit when I'm there. I have a place that I fit right into and I love that I feel helpful doing the things I do there. Please join with me in prayer as well. I appreciate it greatly!

Thanks for reading!

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