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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I am procrastinating working on school work. Blech! I have a 10 page paper, an article critique, a presentation on the article critique, a presentation on the 10 page paper and a test - all next weekend. Somehow part of my brain believes that if I just don't do all this stuff that school will never come. so.wrong.
I wish I could view these papers and such as a way to be creative, but research just does not get my creative juices flowing in the slightest.
On a positive note, I got roses, pita chips and a port wine cheese ball yesterday from my love! He said he hated knowing I had a bad day so he wanted to try and brighten it with those lovely gifts {little does he know that he can brighten my day just by smiling at me and holding me in his arms}. He's sweet.

Also, my little sister is going to be visiting next week! YAY! I could not be more excited. I just hope I can have all my school work {or most} done by the time she gets here......on that note, I better stop this and start on something else....
before that though....this is my new favorite tree! I mean look at that thing! It's a Royal Poinciana. LOVE.

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  1. its about time you stopped procrastinating your blogs! sheesh!

    and i don't know what you're talking about. research for papers is thrilling. or something like that.