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Monday, April 26, 2010


Who remembers that phenomenon that was Hanson's Mmmbop?! Because they are on the Today Show, have a new cd and look VERY different....probably because that wonderful song came out in '97! That makes me feel so old!
Hanson then......Hanson now....
Anyway - just thought I'd share. I definitely had scads and messes of posters of these boys. Not sure if I should have really shared that, but hey probably not that many people actually read this, so maybe my pride is safe.....


  1. of course I remember them I listen to them all the time. I love their new stuff and I'm so excited for their new CD. They're great live and I'm hoping they'll tour with their new album because I'd love to see them again! :)

  2. "scads and messes"

    this is my new favorite phrase. i am going to make an effort to add this to my daily vocabulary because i think its the most genuine thing i've heard/read in a long time.

    and hanson? phshhhh. bsb is where its at!