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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Peaceful Spring Break

My parents' house is usually one of the most relaxing places I can retreat to at any given time of year. I came to visit for Easter with the intent of spending the subsequent days out by the pool, just enjoying being outside. This photo is what has accompanied my "relaxation" days. The drainage pipes have been rusted through and must be replaced. This was a job that was supposed to take a week. More than 2 weeks later, they are nearing the end of the project, but they are ruining my plans for an absolutely relaxing and sun-filled week. I suppose it has still been relaxing and sun-filled - I've just had to enjoy it from inside.In addition, to say that Beesley hates that these guys are outside with their heavy equipment digging in the ground is an extreme understatement. This is how she spent the first day...and each morning is much the same until she remembers that we aren't going to let anything hurt her...then she calms down and only gets super upset every once in a while when the outside sounds change and become unfamiliar. Then she howls and barks for a few minutes.

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