Eden Background

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today I am beautiful! (For those of you who do not know me, this statement might lead you to believe that I am vain - for those of you who do know me, you know this is a huge statement.)

Today I am beautiful because God has made me who I am and He made me with love. There is no way that His love could be ugly. He has given me life and that is beautiful in itself. But, I believe that I am beautiful because I must trust in Him alone to help me be the person He made me. I am imperfect in so many ways - I don't always keep my house clean, I sometimes shop too much, I may not hold my tongue and I don't always think of others before myself. But I am a woman, I am longing to help others, I love the beauty God has made and I am dedicated to my family. And most importantly, I am trying to accept myself - exactly as I am right now - without changing anything fundamental to myself.

I still haven't finished my dresser, but when I do it will be just as I want it - probably with some little imperfection somewhere that will become my favorite part of it.


  1. the last line is my favorite, "with some little imperfection somewhere that will become my favorite part." its so true. of people, too.

    case in point, i love the way your eye squints when you smile :) and i know you hate it, but too bad! it stays!

  2. Great message Melissa. I think that it is important for young women especially to remember that we are all beautiful no matter the size or shape because God made us this way! Thanks for sharing your uplifting thoughts!